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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jack Bauer

The song of the day is:

"I have a man-crush on Jack Bauer!              (DAMMIT)!
A heterosexual man crush on Jack Bauer!     (DAMMIT)!

Some say he's a rebel, some say he's insane
If you question his methods he'll say:
'I don't have time to explain!'

He's been tortured, beaten, killed.
And then brought back to life..
He some times has to shoot his friends and Nina killed his wife.

He sacrificed himself so we can be free-ee
You never see him eat and he never needs to pee
He's a likeable fella and mostly a good guy,
But sometimes he has to say things like:
'When your daughter is infected I'm gonna make you watch her die!'

I have a man-crush on Jack Bauer!            (DAMMIT!)
I sometimes think about him in the shower! (DAMMIT!)

I'm not saying that I'm gay,
No that's not my confession,
It's just a heterosexual man-crush
Bordering on obsession.

Jack has one long crappy day.
Every single year
You'd think by now he'd be insane or start a new career

He saves us from disaster
Twenty-four times a day
'Why would C.T.U. ever question ANYTHING he has to say?!'

He's killed allot of people
To save the human race
If it 'ud help him get a lead he'd kick a puppy in the face!
And it set my heart a flutter when I heard him say:
'You probably don't think I can force this towel down your throat but trust me I can. All the way.'

I have a man-crush on Jack Bauer!          (DAMMIT!)
He gets so much done in an hour!            (DAMMIT!)

I've never had such confusing feeling for another man
But they're only for Jack Bauer not Keeper's other land.
'Trust me you don't wanna go down this road with me!'
'Oh Jack Bauer... Yes I dooooooooooooooooooooooo'



Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Micheal Bennet Annihilated Ken Buck in the race for colorado senator!
Bennet got 8,000 votes 88% of them!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just to give ya a overview

Me) Nik
Fischer) My best friend
Alby) My other best friend
Max Ryan) Friend
Chris) Friend
Jerri) Friend
Aiden) Friend (AKA Justin)
Eva) Friend
Andrea) Friend
Greer) Friend/ my ex who I still like
Livi) "homie" ex girlfriend of Fischer and Jullian
Mathew) Friend
Jullian) Livi's ex
Shatira) Mathew's girlfriend
Nathan) The bane of my existence (he likes Greer)
Sage) Friend

Confusing Huh?
I'm gonna try to put up a little gadget-thing in the sidebar:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi Friends!

Tis' me! Kieran Stormcaller!
Yes my real name is Nik!Well have funs and look at this incredibly sad post I MADE!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who is Zeus?

I am zeus, well that's not my real name but I go by that sometimes. I am a pre-teen (6th grade) boy who has a soap-operatic life. I love: cats, wizard101, and more.
I am a Grandmaster Diviner in wizard101,
I love: Pie Churros Cats and Storms.